Responsive Point of Sale (POS) System in Nairobi, Kenya

Point of sale (POS) software is a type of computer software that is used by businesses to conduct transactions at the point of sale, which is generally at a retail store or restaurant. It is used to keep track of sales, inventory, and customer information. Top Kenya Designs creates the greatest POS system in Nairobi, Kenya. Our POS system in Nairobi is the most recent in the city.  All entrepreneurs wish to be able to manage everything that occurs within their business premises. Top Kenya Designs offers the best Point of Sale in Kenya, the cheapest POS, the most economical Point of Sale in Nairobi, the most dependable Point of Sale dealers in Kenya, and the effective Inventory management software in Kenya.

Top Kenya Designs solves many challenges with our point of sale system, which is easily configurable to match the needs of a wide range of businesses, including the supermarkets top point of sale in Kenya. Top Mini-Supermarkets Point of sales in Nairobi, cheapest Bookstore Point of sales in Nairobi, affordable Cosmetics Point of sales Nairobi, responsive Retail Stores Point of sales Nairobi, Reliable Wholesale Stores Point of sales Nairobi, Hardware Stores Point of sales Nairobi, best and cheapest Bars and restaurants Point of sales Kenya, Wines and Spirits Point of sales in Nairobi, reliable Hotels Point of sales Nairobi, best Play Stations Point of sales Nairobi, Boutiques Point of sales Nairobi, cheapest and efficient Grocery hops Point of sale in Nairobi, best coffee points Point of sales in Nairobi.

Our accessible systems include the best Point of sale in Kenya, the top POS in Kenya software system for Mini-Supermarkets, the cheapest POS system for Bookshops, and the finest Point of sale in Kenya. POS in Kenya software system for Cosmetics, POS software system for Retail Shops, Best Point of Sales in Kenya, POS in Kenya software system for Wholesale Stores, POS in Kenya, finest POS software system for Hardware Shops The best POS in Kenya, the most beautiful POS in Kenya software solution for bars and restaurants, and the most inexpensive POS in Kenya POS software system for wine and spirits stores, cheapest Point of sale in Kenya (POS in Kenya) software for hotels.

Point of Sale Software in Kenya

We also provide the most effective point of selling POS in Kenya software for Gaming (Play Stations), best Point of Sale in Kenya, POS in Kenya software for Boutiques, cheapest and most economical Point of Sale in Kenya Best Point of Sale Software for Grocery Stores POS software for coffee shops in Kenya. On activating the manage report module, all of our bespoke Point of sale in Kenya, POS in Kenya, have inventory management and report generating. Have the best and cheapest POS in Kenya that can greatly simplify your inventory business operations. To obtain the best POS system at the best price in the region. Get a quote by calling +254701475590.

One of the features of our point-of-sale system is stock/inventory management, which also includes employee, leave, and HR management. Other features include customer, supplier, debtors and creditors, administration of loyalty cards, and management of customers and suppliers. The accounting and managing report modules are available in our point-of-sale system.

Our Point of Sale System

Our points of sale are of high quality, with a warranty of more than 8 months. In Nairobi and other towns in Kenya, we have over 400 pleased POS clients.

Our point of sale system enables business entities to quickly track their daily sales, inventory management, and profit through their phones from anywhere. Top Kenya Designs’ point of sale systems supports Realtime Lipa na MPESA. When a customer pays with a mobile payment method, an SMS is automatically delivered to the computer. Also, following payment, the consumer receives an automatic thank you message.

The Point of Sale system has been connected with numerous components that manage our client’s day-to-day operations. Our top POS in Nairobi software system includes, but is not restricted to, the following features: Inventory management, inventory monitoring, sales management, customer management, product management, receipting, human resource management, accounting module, and real-time Lipa na Mpesa module are all available.

We have the following point of sale in Kenyan cities.

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Our POS Nairobi and POS hardware Nairobi are the cheapest, most dependable POS designed to make your life easier, and our complete inventory management and simplified reporting interfaces assist retailers in making better judgments. If you are seeking for POS dealers in Nairobi or Point of sale dealers in Nairobi, please contact us for the most discounted and affordable POS Point of sale software and hardware in town.

Why choose Top Kenya Designs’ point of sales software Nairobi Kenya.

  • Our cheapest POS software in Nairobi Kenya increases customer experience by serving them quickly and conveniently. Fast customer checkout with our point of sale (POS) system will allow you to save as many clients as possible in the least amount of time.
  • You can effortlessly manage your stock/inventory with our point of sale system. The POS Nairobi will assist you in knowing the amounts of your stock in the store and deciding when to stock your business.
  • Top Kenya Designs’ point of sale improves stock level in your store. The point of sale is bar code scanner compatible, which helps to avoid manual operation.
  • This point of sale system is efficient and effective in producing attractive reports/receipts that are distributed to customers and suppliers.
  • Our point of sale software can be used for more than just sales; it also includes a human resource module that employers can use to manage their personnel. Payroll package for organizing employee payments. This makes it extremely adaptable.
  • Our top POS software Nairobi enables a business owner to sell goods to registered clients on credit.
  • Our primary point of sale permits many users of the system, with access roles granted to each user based on his or her department within the company.
  • Top Kenya Designs’ top point of sale offers a customer an inventory strategy for the business.
  • Our cheapest POS in Nairobi delivers immediate snapshots and charts on the performance of your store’s/inventory sales.
  • Our low-cost Point of Sale in Nairobi Connect a sale or transaction to a customer.
  • Our POS is available offline. During a temporary interruption of connection, the POS keeps processing orders and print receipts, and then syncs them to the cloud when the connection is restored. As a result, it is a dependable POS.
  • Point of Sale system from Top Kenya Designs works with any device. You can utilize the latest technology POS system on any platform, including iPad and Android tablets, as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS desktop computers.
  • Top Kenya Designs flexible POS in Nairobi allows businesses to connect POS gear such as cash drawers, POS printers, credit card scanners, barcode scanners, and so on.
  • Our team of IT Professionals is regularly updating Top Kenya Designs Point of Sale in Nairobi with new innovations targeted at tackling existing challenges.

Affordable Point of Sale (POS) Software and Hardware.

The most common point of sale Nairobi hardware system is an upgraded cash register. The most basic Point of Sale hardware system comprises of a computer, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a keyboard, and a scanner.

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